Seasonal Issues

Just like people, our pets can suffer from seasonal ailments - from hayfever, to insect pests, to worsening symptoms with health issues like arthritis.  Learn how you can make your pet more comfortable throughout the year.

Ingestion of anti-coagulant rodenticides (ie Decon) is one of the most common toxicities we see in veterinary medicine. These particular rat/mouse poisons cause a decrease in active clotting factors.  This can result in uncontrolled bleeding in any part of the body and can lead to death if not caught and treated early.

If the animal is caught soon after eating the poison, vomiting may be induced.  After that, treatment is started with vitamin K, which the animal may have to take for weeks depending on the type of bait that was ingested.  If the animal is already showing signs of uncontrolled bleeding, they will need transfusions and ICU care until they can start making their own clotting factors again.  Signs of bleeding can include: pale gums, bruising, blood in urine or stool, difficulty breathing, or lethargy/depression.  Contact the office or emergency clinic immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested rat poison.