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Remember - your pet has an upset stomach!  Food and water may need to be limited or withheld for 12-24 hours.  Then small amounts of water (ice cubes first) and small portions of bland diet can be fed.  Feed this until pet is "back to normal," then introduce regular food into diet over the course of 1-2 days.  If vomiting/diarrhea persist or your animal is acting depressed or lethargic, you should contact our office for an appointment.

Simple Bland Diet Recipe:  mix 1 part boiled hamburger, chicken, or turkey (pour off water/grease first) with 4 parts cooked white rice

We also offer prescription bland dry and wet foods here at the office for your convienence.

  • Alton Bed and Biscuit (Debbie Glazier) 581-8111
  • Lakes Region Pet Resort (Cindi and Mike Ingalls - Meredith) 250-8001
  • Profile Golden Kennels (Barrington) 332-4333
  • Country Brook Kennels (Rochester) 332-2972
  • Doggie Day Care - Thunder Hill Farm (Barnstead/Alton) 776-2733
  • Mirabelle Kennel (Effingham - Dogs Only) 539-6156
  • Cheryl Peavey (Middleton) Grooming too 473-2380 Mention us and get 20% off first stay
  • Two Paws Up - 101 Ossipee Lake Rd, Tamworth 539-6266
  • White Mountain Kennels Rte 113 North Sandwich 284-7108
  • Catnaps 163 Rochester St, Berwick ME 207-698-5000
  • Bowsers Bedrooms Rte 202 Lebanon, ME 207-457-2000
  • Still Water Kennels (100 Meaderboro Rd. Rochester) 335-6424
  • Happy Dogs Daycare (Erin Cotton, Sanborneville) 522-5367
  • RML Kenneling (Richard and Amanda Maloney, Effingham) 393-3330 / 986-7456

As the holidays approach, we all need to be aware that many holiday decorations and foods can pose a risk to our pets.  If you ever suspect that your pet may have eaten or been exposed to something toxic, please call our office or one of the emergency clinics for further instructions.

  • Linda Clifford (Hayes Rd., Alton) 569-6362
  • Burke's Dirty Dog (Beth Burke - Tuftonboro) 569-9969
  • Brittany's Mobile Dog Grooming 651-5005
  • Kari Lauber (Dame Rd, Tuftonboro) 515-0027
  • Karynn Bechard (North Sandwich) 284-7387
  • Two Paws Up (Tamworth) 539-6266
  • Cheryl Peavey (Middleton) Boarding also 473-2380
Tufts University

(508) 839 - 7966   Mon-Thurs 6-9pm

Cornell University

(607) 253 - 3932

Colorado State University - Argus Institute

(970) 297 - 1242

University of Illinois

(217) 244 - CARE (2273) or 877-394-CARE (2273)

P&G Pet Care, Pet Loss Support Hotline

(888) 332 - 7738

ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center

Available 24 hrs a day, $65 fee
(888) 426 - 4911

Pet Poison Helpline

A 24 hour, nationwide service offered by the Pet Poison Control Center. Small fee charged.
(800) 213 - 6680

Living in or visiting NH with your pet, you may at some time or another experience this unpleasant event.  Don't panic, we have some tips to help you through the ordeal should your pet meet up with one of our State's more odiferous wildlife residents.