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Being overweight and trying to stay in shape is not only a problem for humans. Pets also need to be put on specific diets and workout plans to stay in good health. There are a number of deficiencies that pets can run into in regards to nutrition that must be observed.

We offer counseling to assist with weight loss and nutrition plans to help manage a variety of diseases, from kidney failure to inflammatory bowel disease.  Besides our variety of maintenance and prescription diets, we also can assist with formulating balanced home-cooked diets that may be necessary with certain diseases.

By keeping your pet on a proper diet and workout plan, it can increase their life expectancy by up to 2-3 years. In addition to the extended life expectancy, you will also see a happier pet with fewer stomach issues, less sensitive skin and a nicer coat.  At their annual physical appointment, we will weigh and evaluate your pet and make suggestions based on our findings.