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It is recommended that all puppies undergo training or behavior counseling, especially for first time dog owners. We can assist you in the training process for your puppy and give you names of local trainers for puppy obedience classes.

Puppies are not the only ones who need training, however. Many adult dogs need to undergo behavior counseling as well. They may have developed some bad habits like jumping up on guests or separation anxiety. Some dogs display aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs. This can be especially true for dogs that were previously homeless or had neglectful owners.

Behavior counseling can help to correct these issues with training and, in some cases, medication. We have a better chance of correcting or managing these issues if we are able to initiate treatment early.  If you are concerned with your dog's behavior, consult us. We can either set up behavior counseling appointments here in the office, or direct you to experts that can provide the help you need.