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It is important for your pet to receive routine checkups just like it is for you. It allows us to make sure that your pet is healthy and also allows us to catch any health problems before they become serious. You should bring your dog or cat in for a checkup at least once a year, and once every 6 months for older pets.

During the visit we will check your pets’ vitals, make sure all vaccinations are up to date, and perform any necessary blood work. Blood work can help to diagnose heartworm, Lyme disease, viral infections, and other diseases that can be treated more easily when detected early. The best way to combat these diseases is actually to stop them before they happen. There are many vaccines and medications available to prevent or slow down disease progression.

Deworming is also a key method to keep your pets (and your family) free from getting sick. Our pets can acquire intestinal and blood parasites easily - even if they are indoor only cats!  We recommend a fecal (stool) exam every six months and if you are unable to get a sample, deworming every six months.  Many of the intestinal parasites that affect our pets can also infect us, so the best prevention is regular deworming.